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Looking for an adventure to add to your Maine vacation? 
Riders will learn the essential skills to ride a horse and spend time learning to walk/trot in the trail ring nestled in the Maine woods. The package options below include two riders, use of two horses, and a one-hour adventure lesson.




Introduction to Riding
All riders must complete a private Introduction to Riding Lesson before signing up for other lessons at Eastmark Farm.  This gives the instructor a chance to evaluate your skill level and tailor future lessons to your specific needs while giving an overview of the farm, barn rules, and the basics of riding.





Returning Rider
Riders are encouraged to establish a weekly riding scheduled directly with the barn, however, sometimes you may just want to add in an extra ride.  Feel free to book below or call/email the barn directly.

  • Vacation Ride
  • Date Ride
  • Friends Ride
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